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The Lazy Oyster is Miami’s first oyster delivery and raw bar catering service. You can order oysters delivered to your doorstep every Wednesday thru Sunday. Our menu is updated each week on our Instagram and website. You can mix and match all varieties offered, but we do require a 2 dozen minimum order. You are able to set up delivery, or pick up at our warehouse depending on what you’d prefer. You can order online or via Instagram DM and someone from our team will get back to you to confirm your order. We offer an assortment of raw oysters, as well as chargrilled oyster kits to prepare at home.
We offer same day delivery depending on availability. It’s best to reserve your oysters in advance as soon as we release our menu each Wednesday.
Each week our oysters are carefully selected by our shuckers. Once in our possession, they are scrubbed and cleaned waiting to be shucked. It is our responsibility to have all our oyster tags in order at each and every event. Should you ever want to look at our oyster tags, just ask!
Every oyster we deliver is shucked to order. We top each oyster with its original shell to preserve it’s oyster liquor. They are delivered over covered ice in an aluminum tray and should be served immediately or refrigerated as soon as possible.
We always recommend enjoying your delivered oysters as soon as they arrive to your door. Shucked oysters can last up to 7 days in refrigeration, however, flavor profile may change over time.
We offer a variety of oysters year round. Freshness is our number one priority, so we source from places that maintain cooler water temperatures throughout the year. Any day is a good day to order our oysters.
We’d love to be part of your private event. You can email us at [email protected], or submit an event inquiry via our website or Instagram.
Yes, we do sell our oysters unshucked and are sold at a discounted price.
We update our weekly events on our newsletter and Instagram. You can sign up for our newsletter here (link to website)
You can order online via our website, or by sending us a DM on Instagram @TheLazyOyster. You can also enjoy our oysters at events around town each week.
We update our menu weekly on Wednesdays. Once the menu is live, you can pre order from Wednesday thru Sunday.This ensures you are getting the freshest oysters possible.

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